What is DS106?

When I was first given this assignment to learn about ds106, I originally had no idea what it was about. Just looking at the shortened up abbreviation threw me off.  DS106 stands for Digital Storytelling 106. Digital Storytelling is the process of using digital tools to create real stories that can be shared with various normal people around the world. DS106 is a class that is offered by the University of May Washington. It offers various opportunities to learn about digital skills and use new styles to tell your own story. Digital Storytelling is such an important thing because it teaches student to think outside of the box. It encourages you to do this while also having you complete assignments through it.

One thing I like about ds106 is that the course is free and has very little requirements that you need in order to participate in the course. These requirements include internet connection, computer access, some sort of commodity, and creativity. Throughout the course you will be given assignments and that encourages its students to learn from others but also be creative in their own work.

Another important aspect of this platform is that it maps out way of communication. Participants can intervene with each other’s work and learn from it. They can improve their own work by seeing what they like or what someone did correctly. It may just teach them to go outside of their comfort zones because they see that others are stepping outside of their own.  I especially would like to use this because I learn a lot from others and having access to others work is very beneficial to learn from.

I believe that this course will be beneficial for people who choose to participate in it. Especially for teachers because nowadays almost everything revolves around technology and teachers especially need to be equipped with it. A lot of working teachers aren’t very familiar with technology and aren’t trying learn. With incoming teachers this will help them share their creativity, stories, and learnings with technology throughout this course. Students will explore technology throughout this experience which will be extremely beneficial.

I would highly recommend that you all check this course out and better your digital storytelling!


Thanks for reading! Until next time!

Josey J

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