Learning Experience

Concluding this semester, I can’t help but think of how much I have learned over just a few months. It’s crazy to think that this semester is coming to an end and I feel like my journey with this class has just begun. Where has the time gone?

This class has been a complete blessing to me. The workload has been fairly decent but I have learned so much from it. Each of which I can use in my later career. To be completely honest with y’all I was pretty nervous when I started this class. It was a little more calming knowing I knew and have had the professor for other classes previous to this one. I didn’t know what to expect. I surely didn’t expect so much of this class to be in relation to so much education findings and benefits.

I was a little excited that the class required us to tweet until I found out that 20 tweets a week when there is no required topic is actually pretty difficult. I am very equipped in technology but I have come to realize that there are still some things I need to learn.

I am also extremely humble for my ILP experience. I have had some successes, failures, and many lessons taught to me throughout. Overall It has been a great learning experience. It also gave me a sense of freedom. Freedom to learn what I want and when I want. To have control over my own learning was a .


Freedom throughout this course has been so nice and reassuring. You can obviously tell that we had some requirements that needed to be met but it was “shoot for the moon” throughout each. Each were graded based on completion which was so nice. This freedom helped me learn a lot and I feel as it should be if not, the most important/useful teaching strategy for a classroom. Teaching kids to be creative and imaginary is what we as educators should be maximizing in a student. We need to steer away from teaching them what to think and more toward how to think.


I will definitely be incorporating freedom into my classroom and I now have many new resources!


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“9 Elephants in the Class(Room)”

The 9 “Elephants in the (Class)Room” were a real eye opener for me. They will be very beneficial to my career as a future educator. Some of these I already had a general thought about so this article just confirms those thoughts. Modern teaching is alright but irrelevant and useless if our students/kids aren’t learning anything.


What are some of the 9 elephants in the room?  Let’s dive in!

The first elephant in the room is that our students will forget most of the content they “learn” in school. I think this is a big one because if you think about it, there is no point in teaching things if our students are just going to turn around and forget it. I know this is a big problem because it has happened to me. Sure, I haven’t forgotten it all but I have forgotten quite a bit.

A lot of this has to deal with the fact that teachers aren’t relating this knowledge to the real world. Therefore, students feel as if it isn’t important to their life. I used to ask my math teacher all the time why I was learning what I was learning. Some of which she had the answer to and some she did not.

Another elephant in the room can contribute to the first but it is the fact that students are often disengaged or bored when learning. This hits home to me. I think learning should be fun, positive, and engaging. I have had some professors comment on my lessons plans or work because I care a lot about making things fun for my students. They don’t think that should be a big part of the lesson. I however disagree. You can’t have a lesson and expect the student to learn if they aren’t engaged. This also refers to the mood and actions of the teacher. We need to learn to love what we are teaching and have that energy transfer to our students.

The last elephant in the room I would like to point out is the fact that we rely to heavily on grades and not enough on the knowledge of our students. Grades are there to make sure that a student does what they are supposed to do but they can’t exactly tell how smart a student is. I find effort to be a huge part of the problem but that can all change with engagement.

I tried to pick out the few of many important “elephants in the room”. If you want to know them all the link will be provided below. I hope you enjoy!


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Teaching Metaphor

I found that creating my digital story was a lot harder than I originally thought. My computer was being slow and everything was taking a lot of time to load. Also, I had no idea what i was doing.

Below is my digital story. I chose teachers are learners; as my metaphor because no matter what we do we are always learning. It is good for kids to know that they aren’t the only ones. We are all constantly learning throughout our lives. It’s apart of life.



Final ILP Reflection

As this spring semester comes to a close, so does my ILP. My journey through learning American Sign Language has been a journey to remember. I have had many ups and many downs. It is all part of the process and I couldn’t be more excited to begin to use this in my near future career.

I have definitely progressed a lot from where I started out. I know a lot of basic communication signs such as where, what, mother, father, deaf, time and etc. I have also learned how to sign all of the sports. Most of my lessons jumped between concepts. None really related to the other. Even though there wasn’t much relation to depend on, the lessons were still good and easy to learn by.

I have learned a lot about myself throughout this process. I know that I have always been pretty motivated to learn ASL when it comes to the assignment portion. If I wasn’t assigned to learn ASL, I probably wouldn’t have until I took the actual class portion for my education. It was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. Learning the signs weren’t that difficult but putting them together in sentences was a huge struggle. It was probably the biggest struggle I hit throughout this experience. The other part was ensuring how fluent I could come with each of the signs.

In my near future in teaching, I would for sure be teaching my students the alphabet and numbers. Depending on their progress I could teach them more if they wanted to learn. I would also be able to communicate if I had some hearing impaired students in my class. Either way my knowledge now is going to be extremely helpful with being a teacher.

I have learned so much from my ILP and I will most likely be choosing to continue. I plan on taking classes sometime before I start teaching. It has been a good experience and I can’t wait to see where it takes me. Thank you all for reading about my journey!


If anyone is interested in learning American Sign Language I highly recommend visiting the link below.


Visual Design

51C14AC5-BCFA-4557-94DB-C3A01F759B4EI would just like to start off with the fact that I loved creating my visual design. Designing and creating new things is my specialty. However, using new applications and tools to do it is not. I struggled some on this minor project but in the end I think it turned out pretty well.

When creating this, I instantly knew I wanted my background picture to be a mountain. From there I didn’t just want it to be plain. So I went into google and typed in “mountain colorful”. This gave me many beautiful images. There was one in particular that stood out to me. I loved it. From there I chose to use piktograph because it seemed more appealing to me.

Then I thought to myself, “how could I make this meaningful”? Pinterest is one of my top sources for every quote I pull off the internet so I used that. I finally stumbled across a quote that said “You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved.” Right then and there I knew this is what I wanted inside my picture. The quote was so inspirational. It can be incorporated into many different concepts and situations. I especially like that I can use this in an educational setting. Letting our students know that no mountain is too big is soo powerful to the childrens mind.

This process wasn’t all that easy. When I first started out my computer froze and our internet went down. My luck huh! Once it got back up I was fine. It wouldn’t let me choos a background picture so I went ahead and added the words first. Then I went through and just added a simple picture and zoomed it up nice and big. I didn’t run into much problems using this but there were still a few.

I think it would also be helpful if students were taught how to use these. They can be very creative and inspirational for a classroom. Students need to become more equipt in technology and this is one way that can happen.

Let me know what y’all think of the visual!

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Josey J.


A podcast is basically a digital drive in which someone can listen to on an electronic device. You can access podcasts almost anywhere if you have an electronic device. Most of these are kind of like a radio show, they are just not in present time. Before today, I have never listened to one. I’ve just never really been interested in them. I would’ve rather listened to the radio than a podcast until I was given this assignment.

I find it funny how after I viewed this assignment, I was scrolling through my Instagram… I know, technology right! I actually stumbled on a podcast by a former bachelorette that I follow. I was intrigued so I went ahead and listened to it. The podcast was mainly just about Becca sharing her everyday life with a friend. I found this podcast to actually be unhelpful and extremely annoying. It didn’t have any meaning to it. She may be famous but if there isn’t a point behind a person’s words/thoughts, the message is meaningless.

I decided to search a new and improved podcast that actually would be of help to me. I went to begin my search at https://www.iheart.com

This website helped me narrow down my search to kids and family. From there, I wanted to pick something that was kind of educational related. The best I could do was one that really caught my eye from Sesame Street. Sesame Street, sometimes have very good lessons for each and every child. I thought this would be very beneficial for children. It also helps that they can’t get distracted when seeing the characters. Sesame Street may be outdated but it has some great lessons to teach children. Doing so through a podcasts is a great strategy.



This assignment really opened my eyes to podcasts. I found a lot of the podcasts to be very helpful and some to be not so helpful. Overall, I think podcasts are very good for ones well-being. There are many benefits including the teachings and lessons that come along with each one. I will continue to explore many different podcasts to learn about and maybe even incorporate them into the classroom setting

ASL Review Week + 100 New Signs



My ILP has had its ups and downs throughout this whole semester. I am pleased with my progress but I am still not where I want to be. I have learned over a hundred signs but I am not 100% fully confident in them. Sometimes my memory is a little forgetful which messes with my learning ability.

I hate the fact that I would sometimes learn a new sign, then turn around and forget them. Therefore I came up with a solution. This week I spent time going through old lessons and trying to really master each sign I have learned. It was kind of like a review of everything I’ve learned these past few months. I had notes but I also reviewed the videos. I really struggled with Lesson 7 so I spent most of my time on that.

Other than review I discovered that along with the lessons was a video on 100 basic signs. I watched the video to see if I knew any, if I didn’t I immediately stopped it and repeated the sign a few times to learn it. I honestly enjoyed this much more than the video lessons. This is because it didn’t have sentence fragments. It was all about the signs. I find it extremely helpful and fun. The video goes pretty fast but you can always pause it.


I know I am not exactly where I want to be but I know that I am slowly getting there. I am overall very impressed with the success I’ve had throughout this semester. I have had a lot of fun throughout this experience. I have learned many new signs while also getting the chance to teach some to my friends some of my findings. I have also attempted to learn a song of mine that I enjoy. Did I know these were going to happen throughout my experience? The answer to that would have to be no but I am grateful that they did. It made my experience much more intriguing!

Thanks for reading!

Below is a link to Bill Vicars Page for teaching ASL. If you’re interested you should check it out!!